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Get ready for upcoming elections with the E-Z Voter Checklist. Identify your goals, match voting issues to your priorities, and get answers to your questions. 

Voting and Coronavirus

With sheltering-at-home precautions due to COVID-19 many states are changing the dates and methods of carrying out elections. For the most current information, check state election alerts here and here.

Follow these steps to voting success...

Register to vote.

Identify your goals.

Learn about voting issues.

Match issues to your goals.

Download your sample ballot.

Complete your E-Z Voter Checklist.


Then celebrate!

Vote for candidates who support YOUR goals!


Voting is your superpower. That's because by voting you can change laws for the better. If this is the first time you're voting--congratulations! Tell everyone. It's a big milestone. Already a voter? You deserve to celebrate too. You're making a difference in the world.


By using the E-Z Voter Checklist you will already have registered, identified your goals, found your polling place, and scheduled time to go to the polls. You're ready! Go to your polling place during early voting, if your state offers it, or on election day. Grab and friend or sibling and vote together!

Inform yourself. Educate others. 

Be A Voter educational materials give you a quick way to identify what's important to you and link your goals to common voting issues. Be A Voter Ambassador is an outreach project that helps you share voter registration and information with friends and family so they can be as well informed as you.

When is my next chance to vote?

Find out when the next election is in your state. 

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