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Sample candidate statements

Candidates who will help you graduate from college will make these kind of statements:

I will vote to increase financial aid, so you won't have to drop out because you can't afford to finish your degree.

I will vote to keep tuition low so you don't get too deep in debt.

I will support policies aimed at scheduling required courses frequently so you can finish your degree on time. 

Candidates willing to find new ways to prevent gun violence will make these kinds of statements:

I will vote to pass gun laws that save lives.

I will vote to fund programs that help troubled students.

I will vote to ensure background checks on all gun sales. 

Candidates willing to find ways for people to have sufficient health coverage will make statements like these:

I will vote for policies that provide ample health coverage to as many people as possible. 

I will vote for policies that make coverage available to people who are between jobs and those whose jobs don't offer benefits. 

I will vote for health insurance policies that include people who have current health concerns and chronic conditions.  

I will vote for laws that will keep health insurance priced reasonably so anyone can buy the life-saving medications they need. 

Candidates willing to make internet service easily accessible and uncensored will make statements like these:

I will vote to overturn policies that give internet companies total control over the content you can access. 

I will support policies that prevent companies from slowing your internet speed based on your ability to pay.  

I will vote in support of policies that make your internet service as easy and reliable as turning on the lights in your house.