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Why don't people vote?

Voter turnout for 18 to 29 year-olds is consistently lower than for older voters.They think their vote doesn't count. Some say they're not interested in politics. Others say they're too busy. Some try to vote but are turned away. More than 60 percent of people say they've never been asked to register. 

All you have to do is ask!

Be A Voter Ambassador is a non-partisan social action project to increase voter turnout. Research shows that voter participation increases significantly simply by asking! So ask a friend, relative, colleague, roommate, teammate, classmate, or neighbor to register and vote. It's the personal contact that is key. Take pride in accomplishing your civic duty. Get started today with the Voter Ambassadors Plan

Voter Ambassadors Plan

An easy-to-use social action project for your school, organization, congregation, workplace, sports team, or community service project

Be A Voter Ambassador is a social action project to increase voter registration, knowledge, and civic participation. The Voter Ambassadors Plan provides outreach and communication tips so individuals can easily and comfortably encourage their friends, family and others to register and vote. 

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