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Voter Reference Card

This handy business-size Voter Reference Card can be used for outreach and information purposes. Distribute it during voter registration drives as well as other large events. You may also post it on social media and text it to your friends. 

What's important to YOU?

Why is voter outreach necessary?

Voter outreach and education are crucial, because not everyone who registers votes. In the graph to your right, The American National Election Studies Guide to Public Opinion and Behavior shows the difference between the unregistered and those who are registered but don't vote. The difference is only 2 points! Unfortunately, just being registered doesn't meant that someone will vote. 

Voter outreach, registration, and education =

voter turnout

Registering voters is only the first step. The challenge is to make sure that those who are registered show up to vote. The best way to motivate people to turn out is to make the conversation personal. This includes talking to people in person, relating their concerns to voting issues, and asking them to spread the word to friends. Do your friends vote?!

Text three friends now and ask them to register and vote!

What do I say?

The simplest way to approach prospective voters is by asking any of the following questions:

Are you registered to vote?

You're registered to vote already, aren't you?

Is your voter registration up-to-date?

It's important to engage everyone who stops by your voter information table--not just the unregistered. That's because personal contact increases the chances that they will turn out to vote. As the graph above shows, there is barely a two-point difference between those who are not registered and those who are registered but don't vote. You can be the one who makes the difference and gets more people to go to the polls and vote! Review the Tips for Voter Outreach below!

Tips for Voter Outreach

Right click to download and open in new window. The  share the Tips for Outreach with friends! 

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