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Candidates make promises. Decide if the content of those promises make sense for YOU. 

Political candidates issue campaign statements promising to do or undo certain laws and policies. Don't just take their word for it. Check it out. Learn about the issues and think about how they affect you. Is the candidate's explanation supported by evidence? Is it realistic? Will it help you reach your goals? How will it affect your community? Review sample statements on voting issues. 

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Issues and candidates vary from election to election. They depend on where you live and whether you're voting in a local, state, or presidential election. Knowing where to go for reliable, unbiased information on policy issues helps you better understand what's at stake. If you don't vote, you waste an opportunity to get what you want. Check out the list of non-partisan resources here. 

Healthcare coverage

How can I get some  kind of health insurance now that I can't  be on my parents' policy anymore? 

Why can't I keep my coverage when I change jobs? 

See sample statements.

College student financial aid

Why can't I get the courses I need to graduate on time?

Why isn't there enough financial aid for me to finish college without a lot of debt?

See sample statements.

 Uncensored internet

Why does my internet keep slowing down even though the cost went up?

Why can't I access my favorite sites?

See sample statements.

Preventing gun violence  

How can we prevent gun violence in schools and public spaces?


How can we help troubled students cope before they act violently?

See sample statements.

Focus on the issues, 

not the personalities.

Your role is not to "like" or "dislike" candidates for public office, so don't be fooled by personalities. Your job is to choose the candidate whose campaign positions and voting history come the closest to your goals. You may not find a perfect match, but don't let that stop you from voting. Hold your nose if you must...but VOTE. Yes, your vote counts.  See examples here and here.


There are several parts to voting. First comes registration. The next part is to find out where to go, what identification to bring, and what's on your ballot. Then comes the hardest part: which candidates to vote for? So how DO you decide which candidates to vote for? Choose the ones who comes the closest to helping you meet YOUR goals! 

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