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Be A Voter

Your goals

Knowledge + comfort = voting.

Be A Voter is a non-partisan educational effort to increase the voting rate of younger generations. It provides education, training, and resource materials so prospective voters better understand how personal goals relate to voting issues. This exposure increases their knowledge and comfort level with voting and encourages them to become informed, lifelong voters. Are you already a voter? Excellent! Now you can update your goals for coming elections on the E-Z Voter Checklist.  

Identify your goals.

What are your top three concerns right now?

A job with health benefits

College financial aid

Safe schools

Avoiding debt

Clean drinking water and clean air

Access to full health services

High-speed, uncensored Internet

Faster hurricane and tornado assistance

What else???

Identify your goals.

Look inward first. The more you know about yourself and what's important to you, the easier it is to vote. Use the E-Z Voter Checklist to identify your goals. 

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Learn about voting issues. 

Voting issues relate to various aspects of education, jobs, health care, and safety. Use reliable, non-partisan sources to learn more. 

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Match goals to issues. 

Decide which candidates' positions  best support your goals. Review their statements and voting records. Then vote for the ones who most closely match your goals.

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